Deb Collins Artist

Following a successful career in graphic design, Deb would meet the man who would change her life. It would be her new husband, Russ, owner of an art gallery, who would unleash the desire to paint and the discovery of her life’s work; a body of work which includes nearly 500 print images, thousands of original works, and a collection of licensed products. Painting professionally since 1988, Deb’s works include watercolor, gouache and acrylic with reproductions captured on both rag paper and canvas. Through the efforts of publishers and distributors, the artist’s work appears in galleries and private collections throughout the world. Deb gladly leaves all that to them while she paints in the little corner she’s carved out for herself in the Signature Gallery. She can be found there most days and when asked what she’d most like the viewers to take away from her work… she simply answers, “Enjoy.”


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